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Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen – big elegant and affordable
Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen – big elegant and affordable

Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen – big elegant and affordable

Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen – big, elegant and affordable.

Nissan Sentra 2016 review: the model’s exterior appearance, interior, technical features, safety systems, prices and equipment. At the end of the article — Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen test drive! Nissan Sentra 2016 review: exterior appearance of the model, interior, technical features, safety systems, prices and equipment. At the end of the article — test drive Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen year!

In the middle of two thousand fourteen years, the Japanese automaker Nissan in the framework of the Capital Auto Show presented its latest development – a cheap car of the C-class, which was named Sentra. But it is worth seeing that the car is new only for the Russian market, in the world arena model presented with one thousand nine hundred and eighty-two years.

During this period of time the car has managed to change six generations and has become very well known in China, the United States, Mexico and the Land of the Rising Sun, where the car is better known under the name “Sylphy”. In two thousand and two years, the Nissan management has even issued a special sports modification of the model &#SE-R Spec V, which was equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, ventilated brakes, R17 wheel disks and an overstrain differential.

The car has become a revelation of automaker and an attempt to regain for itself the lost position in the C-class, and, it should be noted, Nissan Sentra has a number of strong trump cards up its sleeve, which allow us to imagine that the car will be to the taste of Russian buyers who have never been against getting a lot of car for little money.

Exterior view of the new 2016 Nissan Sentra.

The first time you look at the new Nissan Sentra, you can’t help but think that it resembles the previous generation of the Teana, especially when you look at the front of the car. But there’s nothing ugly about it.

The front of the car is distinguished by a unique, but at the same time, serious headlights, a powerful front bumper with several slots of air absorbers and built-in fog lights, as well as a large false radiator grille, made in the form of an inverted trapeze.

The side of the car got powerful wheel arches, large alloy wheels and stylish stamping the body, passing along the side doors and ending at TEQUESQUITE from Spanish to English the base of the rear tail lights. Monumental stern is made in the style of more expensive and status sedans, which adds points to the refreshed Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen model year.

The manufacturer has equipped the car with the following dimensions:

Length – 462.5 cm;

Russian modification of the car in comparison with his foreign counterpart, has a higher ground clearance, amounting to 100 50.5 mm, which allowed the car to feel more confident on the broken Russian roads and dirt. In addition, the manufacturer has further strengthened the underbody and suspension of the car, which together with a 3-year warranty looks very nice offer.

In general, the novelty is distinguished by an elegant, modern and lively exterior, which, although it does not claim to be a model of beauty, but in no way inferior to its direct rivals in the face of Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus (car).

Interior of the new 2016 Nissan Sentra.

The first thing that is evident when you get into the cabin of the latest Sentra – a huge amount of space, so the car d easily accommodate 5 adult passengers. The front console, although performed without any special frills, but looks fashionable and presentable.

In front of the driver is placed perfectly readable dashboard, as well as a modern multifunction control wheel with a triangular base, which adds sophistication and style to the interior. The central part of the front panel is represented by a multimedia and entertainment unit, as well as a microclimate control unit.

The manufacturer proudly declares that during the development of the appearance they used enough high quality materials, which, even if they do not reach the status of premium, but leave a positive tactile and visual memory.

The driver’s seat has good ergonomics – all the buttons, switches and switches are located where they should be. Front seats are distinguished by a huge number of adjustments and a good level of comfort, but they lack a pronounced lateral support.

Rear seats are distinguished by a huge amount of free space, both in length, width and height. Volume of trunk in standard condition is 500 eleven liters., And yet it can be significantly increased by lowering the backrests, which allows you to easily transport even bulky cargo. Special thanks to the manufacturer for the full-fledged spare, which is placed in the basement of the luggage compartment.

Interior of the latest Nissan Sentra, though not having any frills, but can offer a record amount of free space in the class, and this applies not only to passengers of the first, but also the second row of seats, where you can just sit with your feet upside down.

Technical features of the Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen years.

Based on the power units, Russian buyers will enjoy only 1.6 liter 117-horsepower internal combustion engine, which can work in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission or stepless variator Xtronic CVT.

Acceleration from zero to 100 with a manual transmission takes 10.6 sec., Variator takes 11.3 seconds. The manufacturer’s very stated speeds for the variator and manual transmission are 100 eighty-four and 100 ninety-two km.

Taking into account dimensions and price, the car can be simply attributed to the level of high-efficiency models, which is especially urgent in the criteria of a rapid rise in fuel prices. The automobile meets Euro-5 environmental standards.

Nissan representatives do not hide the fact that if the car is popular in the Russian market, the car may get a more massive 1.8-liter 133-horsepower power unit, which is currently available in North America and China market.

The novelty is based on the well-known platform of its predecessor Renault-Nissan V, which implies the presence of front independent and rear semi-independent suspension, which achieves a good balance between agility and smooth running.

Safety of the latest 2016 Nissan Sentra.

Nissan takes the highest degree of responsibility for the safety of the driver and passengers inside the new Nissan Sentra, which is confirmed by the highest rating of 5 stars in the EURO NCAP international crash test. The list of available passive and active safety systems are presented:

Dynamic stabilization system, which is already available in the basic version of the equipment;

Special attention should be three-point safety belts, active head restraints and child seat mountings ISOFIX, which allows you to transport small children without worrying about their safety, even in case of an accident.

Equipment and the cost of Nissan Sentra two thousand sixteen years.

In the Russian market Sentra model is presented in 4 packages:

Basic configuration “Welcome”, which includes:

1.6 liter unit and 5-speed manual transmission;

Comfort ” is similar to the basic level of equipment, but additionally equipped with an audio system with four speakers and support for wireless protocol Bluetooth.

Modification ” Elegance “, which includes:

extra side curtains;

The best option – ” Tekna “, which received the following list of equipment:

Leather interior trim;

Low price for the car on the Russian market starts at around 14.56 thousand. (about nine hundred and seventy six thousand. The smallest price in the Russian market starts at a mark of 14,56 thousand dollars (about nine hundred and seventy six thousand rubles), thus for the highest complete set Tekna the future buyer will have to shell out in addition for 3,44 thousand. That in the end will make about 1.207 million. rubles.

Conclusion on the new Nissan Sentra 2016.

Newly presented Nissan Sentra – this is a high-quality, elegant, technically equipped and capacious car, one of the main trumps is its price.

The car is not able to excite future buyers with its appearance, but can flaunt a good level of equipment, the highest level of comfort and safety for front and back row passengers.

The novelty has all chances to win, even despite the fact that it will be opposed by such recognized favorites of the class, as Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus, which are in constant high demand among Russian buyers over the past couple of years.

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