Modern Lighted bathroom mirror - Backlit Bathroom Mirror
Keonjinn Smart Mirror
Keonjinn Smart Mirror

Keonjinn Smart Mirror

Keonjinn Smart Mirror,Keonjinn 36″ x 28″ Smart Touch Switch LED Lighted Mirror with Weather Forecast,Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog Dimmable Wall Makeup Mirror with Calendar Time Date Temperature Humidity Display.

  • 【28X36″is for vertically hanging only 】【 Smart Touch Switch 】One button to open three major functions(Light, Defogging, Weather Forecast), giving you a quick and intelligence experience.
  • 【 Weather Forecast】 Connected with WiseMirror App, you can get the network real-time weather forecast (Showing 11 different icons, including sunny, overcast, cloudy, light rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm, shower, light snow, heavy snow, sleet and haze / fog).
  • 【HIGH QUALITY & LONG ENDURANCE LED 】–lifetime: 50,000 hours (Using the mirror 3 hours a day means it will last 45 Years). With silvered reflection layer, copper free & environmentally friendly. IP54 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting in wet bathroom environments.
  • 【ANTI-FOG】Starting anti-fog function immediately when you turn on the anti-fog button, it need 5-10 minutes to clear this led bathroom mirror completely, safe and energy-saving, so open this function in advance before you use it(May need more time in Winter)
  • 【STURDY PACKAGING & EASY INSTALLATION】– The STURDY PACKAGING protects both the mirror corners and both the front and backside of the mirror. Each mirror is secured with customized thick foam box and other protective materials in carton box, which has passed all tests including dropping test, impact test etc. Plug and screws included, easy installation.

The Best Bathroom Mirrors With Built-in LED Lights

We only realize just how many different types of mirrors there are when we’re actually faced with the challenge of choosing one. It’s when we start to discover all the different types and styles and all the features that a simple bathroom mirror can have.

A few things to consider before making a decision are the size of the mirror, the shape, whether you want a frame or not and whether built-in storage should be an option. To that, we would definitely add the LED option.

Bathroom mirrors with built-in LED lighting have a clean and futuristic appearance which makes them ideal for modern and contemporary interiors. They’re also very practical because the lighting is usually uniformly distributed around them. Also, in some cases there’s no need for sconces or other types of task lighting which means the decor can remain clean and simple and there’s one less thing to worry about.

Keonjinn Smart Mirror

LED illuminated mirrors such as this one are very practical when you’re putting on makeup. They give you that extra bit of light that you need to be precise without being uncomfortable to the eyes. The design is simple and stylish and the mirror itself is very sturdy and durable. You can control it via touch controls.

Bathroom Mirror With Smart Bluetooth Sound
This large mirror is great for bathrooms with large vanities or with two sinks instead of a single one. It has built-in LED lights at the top and the bottom and it comes with a variety of cool extra features. It has a touch panel and bluetooth connectivity for audio. You can display the time and temperature onto the mirror surface and use the bluetooth audio connectivity to make calls. It also features built-in defogging technology.

Large LED Mirrors Wall Mounted Lighted
high-definition image in a very sleek and elegant form. It has a glazed finish and it’s waterproof and antioxidant and you can mount it on the wall either vertically or horizontally. The mirror has LED bands at the top and the bottom and a variety of other cool features. There’s an anti-fogging function and smart bluetooth connection with surround stereo so you can listen to music or take calls. The smart electronic display shows the time and the temperature.

Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen
This LED bathroom mirror measures 32” x 40” and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, depending on your preference. It’s eco-friendly and easy to install and you can control the light using a wall switch. The mirror has a memory touch sensor which lets you control the light brightness and color temperature. It also has a built-in anti-fog function. The LED backlight can be adjusted on three levels of brightness with a maximum of 6680 lumens.

Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen
Wall switch can directly control the light ON/OFF as this mirror equipped with a memory touch sensor

Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with 5500K High Lumen
This is a mirror very similar to the one mentioned above. It measures 36” x 28′‘, it’s eco-friendly and comes with built-in LED lighting that does up to a maximum of 6540 lumens. There’s no flicker, no UV and you can turn the light on and off using a wall switch. You can also control the brightness via a touch sensor. It can get bright enough to make task lighting unnecessary and even to eliminate the need for a ceiling fixture.

Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror with LED Light Over
The Keonjinn mirror impresses with a simple and versatile design. It uses separate switches for the light and the anti-fog function so they can be operated individually, a detail which also helps to make the mirror more energy-efficient. The brightness of the built-in LED light can be adjusted via a touch button. Just touch for 3 seconds to switch from normal to the brightest intensity. The mirror is built to last, with the LED lights offering 50,000 hour lifetime.

Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror
The Keonjinn LED bathroom mirror has a frameless and very sleek and modern design. It’s IP44 rated and it includes energy-efficient white lights which can be adjusted with touch controls. It’s designed to last approximately 50,000 hours, featuring 6000K color temperature and 110V/60Hz/24W power. It’s lightweight, fog-free and has flat polished edges.

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