Modern Lighted bathroom mirror - Backlit Bathroom Mirror
Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for bathrooms
Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for bathrooms

Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for bathrooms

Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for

A mirror is only as good as the image it reflects, which could be impaired if your vanity has insufficient lighting. With Keonjinn’s lighted mirror, you have adjustable lighting settings to fully customize your viewing experience. It lets you dim the LEDs from full brightness down to 20 percent. To eliminate the guesswork of finding the right level of brightness, there are three preset options, including “warm white” (low), “neutral white light” (medium), or “daylight” (high). To further enhance the clarity of its reflection, this mirror has an anti-fog function that will easily “de-steam” the vanity mirror after you get out of the shower. The defogger turns on automatically with the lights but can also be independently controlled with the included remote control.

Its 32-inch by 40-inch rectangular dimensions make it possible to hang the mirror vertically or horizontally, depending on which complements your vanity best. The electrical components are housed in a waterproof backing that only protrudes 1¼ inches away from your wall. Note that you might need a professional electrician to hardwire the mirror’s power supply, which contributes to the overall cost. Also, this mirror was designed with modern and contemporary bathrooms in mind, so might not go as well with more traditional decor.

If you have limited space and a limited budget, installing a cabinet mirror in your bathroom can kill two birds with one stone. The 18.9-inch width, 26.5-inch height, and 5.9-inch depth is modest enough to fit either above your vanity or toilet, but large enough to store an impressive number of toiletry items. The shelving inside the cabinet can be adjusted for height to easily fit your bathroom essentials, and the bottom storage shelf is 5 inches tall to make everyday items readily accessible.

This cabinet has a pure white finish and chrome-plated hardware, with a mirror installed directly onto the cabinet’s door face. The beauty of this easily-assembled cabinet lies in its simplicity, which will match traditional and farmhouse design styles.

For adding an adjustable element to a standard wall mirror, Keonjinn’s 26-inch by 22-inch pivoting oval mirror will tilt to accommodate different views. It’s frameless design and chrome swivel mounts have a clean, modern finish making it perfect for the contemporary bathroom. The pivot mounts are made with corrosion-resistant material.

Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for

Keonjinn even makes it easy to install by providing an installation template, clear instructions, and the hardware you’ll need. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another pivoting bathroom mirror as attractive, affordable, and easy to install as Moen’s frameless pivoting mirror.

If you want a full-length mirror to give you a full-body view when you’re getting dressed, Keonjinn’s 47-inch long mirror is here to help. The mirror itself has a silver nitrate coating that’s shatter resistant, and the aluminum frame naturally resists rust and moisture.

The aluminum frame is available in several different colors, so you can select the perfect hue to match your bathroom’s existing color scheme and decor. You can also choose to rest it freely on the floor or hang it securely on the wall, depending on whether you have more available floor or wall space.

FAQs About Your New Bathroom Mirror
If you still have questions about choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom, consider the answers to the following frequently asked questions.

Q. What is the difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror?
The main difference is that a bathroom mirror is rated for moisture resistance, which is important for a high-humidity environment like your bathroom.

Q. Can bathroom mirrors be wider than a vanity?
For single-sink vanities, the general guideline is to have your vanity mirror a few inches narrower than the width of your vanity; a mirror that’s wider can look awkward and out of place.

Q. How do you choose a wall mirror size?
Your vanity mirror should be a few inches shorter in width than your vanity. It should be placed 5 to 10 inches above the top of your vanity and at least 6 inches below the vanity lighting. For full-body viewing, the size of a full-length mirror should be at least half as many inches as you are tall.

Q. Where do you hang a bathroom mirror?
You can hang a bathroom mirror above your vanity or on any open space on your bathroom wall.

Q. How do you hang a frameless bathroom mirror?
Frameless mirrors can either be glued to the wall or hung using special support brackets specifically designed for frameless mirrors.

Keonjinn modern lighted mirrors for

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