Modern Lighted bathroom mirror - Backlit Bathroom Mirror
Keonjinn custom lighted mirrors
Keonjinn custom lighted mirrors

Keonjinn custom lighted mirrors

If you want to give your bathroom a very clean and sophisticated look, the Keonjinn Leader of Led Mirrors can help you achieve that goal. It has a classic rectangular shape and it can be placed either vertically or horizontally, depending on your bathroom layout and décor. It has LED backlighting which creates a soft and beautiful glow around the frame. It works with dimmer switches and you can adjust the brightness as needed.

Paris Backlit Vanity Mirror
On the subject on backlit bathroom mirrors, we also suggest checking out this beautiful model. The Keonjinn mirror has a very stylish and simple design with clean lines and no visible frame around the edges. It has two bright LED bands along the long sides which provide even and pleasant lighting. The mirror can be installed horizontally in which case the LED bands would be on the top and the bottom or vertically and they would be on the left and right sides.

Front-Lit LED Frameless Lighted Vanity Mirror
Rectangular bathroom mirrors are definitely the most common type of all so if you want something different perhaps you would enjoy a round or an oval shape. This right here is a really beautiful and elegant example. This mirror measures 35.5” H x 70.75” W x 1.5” D and has delicately curved lines which you can rely on to contrast with the cabinetry and other design elements in order to create a balanced and welcoming décor. The edge of the mirror lights up and creates a nice glow around it.

Keonjinn Modern & Contemporary Lighted Bathroom
The Keonjinn mirror is perfect for modern and contemporary bathroom not just because of its clean and minimalist design but also because of the additional features that it comes with. There’s built-in LED lighting, audio, magnetic storage and USB and electrical outlets, everything within reach and easily accessible. These features make a bland space like the bathroom feel a lot more engaging and interesting.

The Keonjinn mirror has a really cool design. It’s rectangular with clean lines and straight angles and without a traditional frame. It does however feature LED strips and circles which evenly illuminate the surface without creating unattractive shadows. They also have a decorative role, creating a symbolic frame for the mirror. You can use this with a dimmer switch to control the brightness of the light.

Keonjinn custom lighted mirrors

Keonjinn custom lighted mirrors

Keonjinn 24 x 32 LED Bathroom Mirror Rounded Arc Corner Rectangle Wall-Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror Dimmable Anti-Fog(Vertical/Horizontal)

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